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conditions and house rules

1. "L’Ô Vive" is completely smoke-free inside, smoking is allowed on your outside terrace

2. Mandatory use of towels on the benches of the Finnish sauna, as well as in the relaxation seats inside and outside, for hygienic reasons.

3. It is forbidden to add products to the whirlpool and to the water in the sauna.

4. Children must always be supervised by adults.

5. Pets are not allowed for hygienic reasons.

6. Before using the sauna, jacuzzi or swimming pool, you must first take a shower.

7. You must also take a shower after each visit to the sauna.

8. cancellation conditions
If you wish to cancel your reservation, this can be done free of charge up to 2 days before your reservation date. The advance paid, if so, can then be used again for another appointment or it can be returned as a gift voucher that is valid for 1 year. If no advance payment has been made, you will receive an invoice.
If cancellation is not made on time, we will charge cancellation costs if the reserved hours have not been re-rented. Cancellation cost = paid deposit or specified gift voucher.

If your hours have been rented on, the advance paid can be reused for another appointment or you will receive a gift voucher to the value of the advance paid that is valid for 1 year.
In the event of cancellation, force majeure can never be invoked (illness, weather conditions, traffic jams, accidents, breakdowns, strikes, etc.)
If there is no cancellation or if you do not show up, 100% of the balance due will be charged.
When leaving the complex early, the full amount of the number of reserved hours must be paid.
Last minute bookings can never be canceled

9. At the end of the period you rented, you must call and we will settle as soon as possible.

10. L’Ô Vive cannot be held responsible for accidents, physical or material damage, loss of goods or incorrect use of the center and can therefore never be held liable. L’Ô Vive will also not be obliged to pay compensation.

11. If damage is caused to the space you rented, you are obliged to pay for the repair of this damage and, if the space must be closed for this reason, to pay a damage compensation of € 500 per day.

12. L’Ô Vive is not responsible for damage to cars on the parking lot of the business

13. "L’Ô Vive" has the right to refuse people for any reason.

14. Belgian law applies to all our legal relationships. For disputes between "L’Ô Vive"
and our clients, the court of Dendermonde has jurisdiction, unless a different court is assigned by law.

15. No private drinks may be consumed in the private area, unless payment is fixed in the price list and communicated in advance.

16. Gift vouchers that have passed the expiry date can no longer be exchanged under any circumstances. Customers who let them know before the due date that they are no longer able to make a reservation can get a 3 month extension.

17. Everyone who makes a reservation at L’Ô Vive ”
automatically agrees with our house rules.

18. The use of the content (text, photos, layout) without the written permission of the owner is strictly prohibited. This material may not be copied, reproduced or distributed, in whole or in part, without the written permission of L’Ô Vive ”
. It is forbidden to create a hyperlink to the website without our permission.

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