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b & b

overnight stay
in L'Ô Vive or in L'Orfée

You can spend the night in one of the three suites, with free use of all the facilities of the suite itself.

In suite Oasis with sauna, jacuzzi, in suite Orfée sauna and jacuzzi, in suite Opure only with jacuzzi

Check-in from 6 p.m. to check-out next day at 11 p.m.

On the evening itself you can optionally enjoy dinner in the form of two culinary dishes with a bottle of cava or wine, served in your suite between enjoyment, 35 € per person, bottle of cava or wine included.

Your breakfast, is served between 9 and 10 in your suite, so that you can continue to enjoy it in complete discretion

Continental breakfast with:

coffee or tea at will, sandwiches, homemade jam, freshly squeezed juice, yogurt and granola, fresh fruit, egg of your choice,

ontbijtbuffet 4.jpg

Prices :

breakfast included, use of all facilities suite, sauna and / or jacuzzi

Opure suite (jacuzzi only): 159 euros
suite Oasis (sauna, jacuzzi): 179 euros
Orfée suite (sauna and jacuzzi): 159 euros

with dinner, 2 dishes and a bottle of cava or wine, extra 35 euros pp

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